October 27, 2015

The Story

At a medical clinic in Ghana, patients were given prescriptions and sent home to follow certain regimens and directions. Over 50% of these patients returned in a worse condition than when they had first come to the clinic.

The problem was health literacy. Many patients could not read their prescription labels, and were taking incorrect dosages of their medication. Picture labels were not working- a new solution was needed. ParrotMD was created in order to bridge the health literacy gap.

ParrotMD is an audio recording device designed for illiterate or visually impaired patients who cannot read prescription information. This inexpensive device was designed to combat health illiteracy in third-world countries. Doctors use the ParrotMD to record information and directions. Patients take home these devices, and play back the instructions, allowing them to adhere to their medical regimens more accurately.

Health illiterate patients are sometimes unable to follow their prescription directions, which can lead to overdose or misuse of medicine. In the past, picture labels were used to solve this problem; but over 70% of illiterate patients were unable to take their medication correctly even with the help of diagrams. The simple picture labels were not sufficient to explain how to take varying types of medicine. ParrotMD solves this problem, along with problems like language barriers, cost, and complex instructions.