October 27, 2015


ParrotMD’s mission is to improve worldwide health literacy.


The problem ParrotMD has attempted to solve is very complex. Beyond health literacy, factors like poverty, environment, and adequate medical care affect an individual’s ability to prosper and grow.

At ParrotMD, we hope that our device makes lives better. Many diseases in developing countries can be treated with low-cost drugs provided by medical clinics. But misuse of those drugs can lead to slower recoveries and death. With the ability to medicate themselves properly, ParrotMD empowers people to become healthy again. Healthy people can go to school and learn to read, so they don’t have a need for the ParrotMD anymore.

A truly forward-thinking solution is one that will eliminate the problem it hopes to solve. The ParrotMD will allow people to become healthy and hopefully inspire them to pursue the education they can use to better their situation.

ParrotMD started with a simple idea: to help those who cannot read remember how to take their medications. This goal will lead our development and help us branch out into other technologies that will continue to help people in need.