empowering patients to take their medication correctly


record prescription information for better health


ParrotMD gives doctors and nurses the ability to audibly record instructions for the patient loudly, clearly, and in their native language


Patients press a button to easily play back the instructions as many times as they need to remind and reinforce important directions


The device can be re-recorded and reused by the patient each time they receive new medications or instructions


making medicine more effective
ParrotMD records prescription instructions.

ParrotMD was conceived to help patients achieved better health outcomes. By following directions more precisely, patients can increase their chances of effective treatment. Recording audible prescription information leaves little room for error, and studies show it is 70% more effective than picture labels. Millions of people around the world can stand to benefit from ParrotMD.

  • Two buttons for easy use

  • Re-recordable for new patients

  • A fraction of the price of other devices

  • The ParrotMD device has been used throughout the world